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August Sander snippet
August Sander was also famous for taking portraits of sets of twins.
August Sander
August Sander (November 17, 1876 – April 20, 1964) was a German photographer.
Sander was the son of a carpenter working in the mining industry. While working at a local mine, Sander first learned about photography by assisting a photographer who was working for the mining company. With financial support from his uncle he acquired photographic equipment and set up his own darkroom. He spent his military service (1897 – 1899) as a photographer's assistant, and the next years wandering across Germany. In 1901 he started working for a photo studio in Graz, eventually becoming a partner (1902) and then its sole proprietor (1904). He left Graz in 1910 and set up a new studio in Cologne.
Sander's work includes landscape, nature, architecture, and street photography, but he is most well known for his portraits, as exemplified by his series People of the Twentieth Century. In this series he aims to show a cross-section of society during the Weimar Republic.