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Francis Frith snippet
Frith was re-launched in 1976 as The Francis Frith Collection by John Buck, a Rothmans executive.
Francis Frith
Francis Frith (October 7, 1822 – February 25, 1898) was an English photographer of the Middle East and many towns in the United Kingdom.
In 1860, he married Mary Ann Rosling (daughter of Alfred Rosling, the first treasurer of the Photographic Society) and embarked upon a colossal project — to photograph every town and village in the United Kingdom; in particular, notable historical or interesting sights. Within a few years, over two thousand shops throughout the UK were selling his postcards.
Frith died in Reigate in 1898. His family continued the firm, which was finally sold in 1968 and closed in 1970. Following closure of the business in 1970, Bill Jay, one of Britain's first photography historians, identified the archive as being nationally important, and "at risk". Jay managed to persuade Rothmans, the tobacco company, to purchase the archive to ensure its safety.