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Leni Riefenstahl snippet
Despite her early involvement as a Nazi sympathiser, she was highly regarded for her advances in film technique; and (well after the second world war) almost redeemed her reputation by working with native peoples in Africa.
Leni Riefenstahl
Leni Riefenstahl - Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" Riefenstahl (August 22, 1902 – September 8, 2003) was a German film director, dancer and actress, and widely noted for her aesthetics and advances in film technique.
Her most famous works are documentary propaganda films for the German Nazi Party. Riefenstahl is renowned in film history for developing new aesthetics in film, especially in relation to nude bodies. While the propaganda value of her early films repels many, their aesthetics are cited by many filmmakers as outstanding.
Rejected by the film industry after World War II, she later pursued still photography and continued to make films of marine life.