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Bunny Yeager
Bunny Yeager photography books. Even before Bunny Yeager was old enough to be a Pin-Up Girl, she wanted to be one. As a young teen, she kept scrapbooks of glamour poses of popular film stars like Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable, Lana Turner, Jane Russell, and Marilyn Monroe. She studied the works of a number of artists who specialized in calendar art, learning the poses they painted of their models, the Peek-a-Boo poses that portrayed beautiful young models as happy, playful women who would be fun to be with, (The girl next door) certainly desirable, but not threatening to any man's ego. Using these "lessons", she became Florida 's most photographed model with her photos appearing in newspapers and magazines all over the world. Because she knew how to pose well, after she changed careers and became a professional photographer, she was able to work with many young girls who had never modeled before, molding them into popular pin-up models. She discovered Maria Stinger ( Miami 's Marilyn Monroe), Bettie Page (Legendary Pin-Up of all time), Lisa Winters, a Playboy Playmate and Playmate of the Year, Carol Jean Lauritzen (for Howard Hughes, a legend himself), and many other young beauties. Soon Bunny signed with a photo agent who suggested that she write a book about her techniques of photographing beautiful girls. Bunny hesitated at first because she had never written a book before. Her agent assured her it would be easy. He said, "Just write down the words you would say to someone if they were there with you." She did just that and the book, "Photographing The Female Figure" was the first of 24 more books to come. In 1959 she was chosen "Photographer of the Year" and shortly after she was selected as one of the top ten women photographers in the U.S.