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Luis Royo
Luis Royo photography books. Soon after he was born, Royo's family moved to Zaragoza, where he first attended school, and where his first memories come from, with drawing already playing a prominent part of his life. In his first memory, he is sitting in front of the large school windows, and tracing the drawings that his teacher gave him. On discovering adult comics with the work of artists such as Enki Bilal and Moebius, in 1978 he began to draw comic strips. In 1979 he left his job to dedicate himself entirely to comics. In 1981 and 1982 his work was published in magazines such as 1984, Comix international, Rambla and in El Víbora and Heavy Metal. American magazines such as Heavy Metal and National Lampoon often turned to Luis Royo for their cover illustrations, as well European magazines like Cimoc, Comic Art, Ere Comprime, Total Metal and others. However, his work was not just restricted to magazine covers as he was also asked to make covers for videos and computer games. After a long series of well-regarded works, the publication of the first volume of the PROHIBITED books, with a surprising erotic content in which the tale of Beauty and the Beast takes on a major importance. These deluxe works offers images which are as sensual as they are elegant.