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Photojournalism, for us,  records a particular social situation that we should be forced to look at. From Brandt's recording of  industry and high society; and Lange's documentation of the rural poverty of north America, photojournalism has the chance to change. It did so with a great leap forwards with amusement with Parr's ironic looks at the British class system but, regretfully backwards with the plight of humanity by Sebastiao Salgado's heartbreaking images of the world's poorest.
We sell some of the best Photojournalism books in the world. As is common to all true examples of photojournalism, these record, in photographic form periods of history in an accurate and objective manner; and generally provide a narrative which explains the events which were then happening. With a wide range of famous photographers, we have an unsurpassed range of books available for sale through us. Click the photographer links on the side of this page to see the huge range of books you can buy through us.