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Horst P. Horst snippet
One of his most famous portraits is of Marlene Dietrich, taken in 1942. She protested the lighting that he had selected and arranged, but he used it anyway. Dietrich liked the results and subsequently used a photo from the session in her own publicity.
Horst P. Horst
Horst P. Horst, born Horst Paul Albert Bohrmann, and most often known as just Horst (August 14, 1906 November 18, 1999) was a photographer best known for his photographs of women and fashion taken while working for Vogue.
In 1930 he met Vogue photographer Baron George Hoyningen-Huene, a half-Baltic, half-American nobleman. He travelled to England with him that winter. While there, they visited photographer Cecil Beaton, who was working for the British edition of Vogue. In 1931, Horst began his association with Vogue magazine.
Horst is best known for his photographs of women and fashion, but is also recognized for his photographs of interior architecture, still lifes, especially ones including plants, and environmental portraits.