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Mary Ellen Mark snippet
Mary Ellen Mark's photography has addressed difficult social issues, including homelessness, loneliness, drug addiction and prostitution. She works primarily in black and white and has contributed to publications including LIFE magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair.
Mary Ellen Mark
Mary Ellen Mark (born, Mar 20, 1940 in Philadelphia) is an American photographer, known for her arresting images, the content of which is mainly between social photojournalism and portraiture.
Mark began photographing with a Box Brownie camera at age nine. During high school, she was head cheerleader with a knack for painting and drawing. Pursuing a career in art, she studied painting and art history for a degree at the University of Pennsylvania. She turned professional as a freelance in the mid-1960s when she returned to school at the Annenberg School for Communication in Pennsylvania. After graduating, in 1965, Mark was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to photograph in Turkey and other countries in Europe for a year.