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Larry Burrows snippet
In 2005, Burrows' posthumous book, ‘Vietnam’ was awarded the Prix Nadar award.
Larry Burrows
Larry Burrows (May 29, 1926 to February 10, 1971) was a photographer best known for his pictures of the American involvement in the Vietnam War.
Burrows was born in London in 1926. He left school at age 16 and took a job in Life magazine's London bureau. Burrows printed photographs for Life. Some accounts blame Burrows for melting photographer Robert Capa's D-Day pictures in the drying cabinet.
Burrows went on to become a photographer and he photographed the war in Vietnam from 1962 until his death in 1971. Burrows died in a helicopter crash with fellow photojournalists Henri Huet, Kent Potter and Keisaburo Shimamoto.