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Matthew Brady snippet
Brady's efforts to document the Civil War on a grand scale by bringing his photographic studio right onto the battlefields earned Brady his place in history.
Matthew Brady
Mathew B. Brady (ca. 1823 – January 15 or January 16, 1896) was a celebrated photographer whose rise to prominence occurred largely in the years preceding and during the American Civil War. Following the conflict, a war weary public lost interest in seeing photos of the war, and Brady’s popularity and practice declined drastically.
Brady's early images were daguerreotypes, and he won many awards for his work; in the 1850's ambrotypes became popular, which gave way to the albumen print, a paper photo produced from large glass negatives commonly used in the American Civil War photography. In 1859, Parisian photographer André-Adolphe-Eugène Disdéri popularized the visiting card and these small pictures rapidly became a novelty as millions of images were created and sold in the United States and Europe.